Free Food Safety “Train the Trainers” Workshops

Food safety must be a priority for every Oregon producer. Sign-Up For Training Here The Oregon berry industries are working together to educate farmers on how to prevent on-farm microbial contamination of Oregon produce. In 2013 and 2014 we are sponsoring Food Safety “Train the Trainers” Workshops for any Oregon produce farmer regardless of farm size. This workshop prepares participants to train harvest workers on recommended food safety practices. The Workshops are Free. Take advantage of a 3-hour program providing food safety training designed to appeal to all farmers, and farms. Training will be based on the California Strawberry Commission Food Safety Practices for Strawberry Harvest Workers™ flip chart study guide (see below) which will be provided. Attendees are expected to share training information, using the flip chart study guide, with their farm managers, harvest crews, large and small wholesale, and labor contractors. Please Note: This training is not part of GAP. For information on GAP follow this link.

Food Safety Practices for Harvest Workers Flip Chart

The flip chart is designed to be used by growers and field supervisors to train harvest workers on recommended food safety practices. The front of each page of the flip chart has a drawing depicting a specific food safety practice that is visible to the workers. The field supervisor conveys the food safety practice verbally by reading a brief amount of text on the back side of the page that corresponds to the drawing that is visible to the workers. The flip chart is made up of seven distinct chapters that cover different areas of food safety practices that workers must follow. Chapters cover topics such as use of the bathroom units, eating and drinking in the field, handling of fruit and packaging, and hand washing. Each chapter can be used to do a brief tailgate training for a harvest crew in 15 minutes or less.

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